Since the beginning of time, Man has sought respite from the daily grind. Many different Men have used many different means to achieve this. They all agree that their goal is the same: Chill Out Bro
Mike Browne

Hello my name is Artik Istik and I am a Portuguese artist living in Barcelona. I always loved to create things, play with colours and textures… Through my art I can do that and more, I can discover my boundaries and challenge my limitations in a kind of therapeutic dance.

I spent half of my life dreaming to be a graphic designer. I worked 5 years as a printer technician with the ambition to grow on the company into the design department. In order to do that I had to have a degree so I moved  from Portugal to England to study graphic design. That toke few good years of my life to get to the understanding that none of that was really making me happy… So I had to Chill Out Bro, re-assembly ideas and take one decision. That will be moving again, but this time to Barcelona to follow my dream of become an artist. So here I am, in one of the most artistic cities on the world.

As a platform to release my art I started developing the brand Chill Out Bro. A project that promotes determined attitude with relaxing approach, an approach that believes that whatever path you take will be the right one, whatever process you choose will turn out in a good result, living and enjoying the moment without rushing into the future also without giving up to the pressure of societal conventions… Basically a project that promotes believing in yourself and never give up.

Chill Out Bro is an agreement between yogis, street life, open minded ideas, balance in life, breaking rules in a healthy and peaceful way, combination of myself, Barcelona and the World.

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